Liquid to liquid

PHE Cooler

The plate heat exchanger is a specialized design well suited to transferring heat between medium- and low-pressure fluids.

Brazed heat exchangers are used for heat exchange between high-pressure fluids or where a more compact product is required.

Technical requirements are derived in cooperation with the customer and in this process we can offer i.e:

  • Heat rejection analysis.
  • Coolant pressure drop and temperature field analysis using CFD.
  • Forming simulation for manufacturability.
  • Pulsation and vibration analysis

Product can be designed and produced in line with specific customer specifications.


Working pressure Up to 0-16 bar dynamical
Pressure pulsation endurance Min. 5x105 pulsations @ 0-16 bar, 2 Hz
Max pressure 16 bar
Burst pressure Min 40 bar
Pressure test Min 12 bar
Leak test 10 bar
Working temp -40 to 150°C
Corrosion endurance  +20 days according to SWAAT G 85-94 A3 (painted cooler)
Inner cleanliness ISO 16232
General dimensional tolerances ISO 2768-v
Material Aluminium
Max connection tightening torque Open
Other Inlet/outlet ports on both top and bottomplate possible.

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