Industrial & medical

Efficiency and safety first!

Industrial & Medical solutions require high efficiency, maximum safety and minimum downtime.

Setrab offers innovative cooling solutions for various industrial and medical applications. With our compotence, experience, and modular product design, we offer customer high quality customized aluminium heat exchangers and radiators designed and produced in Europe. 

We design and produce aluminum heat exchangers for many manufacturers of industrial equipment, e.g. Siemens, Philips, Hydac and Laird.

Related products for the Industrial and medical industry

Air to liquid

COM cooler

Range of heavy duty coolers suitable for the most demanding applications.

Air to liquid

Dedicated Cooler Pack

Allround solution of an air to liquid heat exchanger combined with fan, brackets and electronics.

Air to liquid

STD Cooler

Rugged and reliable air to liquid cooler for all types of applications.

Air to liquid

SLM Cooler

Ideal for cooling your transmission, rear axle, motorcycle, etc. Developed for applications with restricted packaging space.

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