Proline Racing

Setrab brings you to the finish line!

Setrab is the #1 supplier of high-performance heat exchangers to winning teams in all types of motorsport.

We leverage our experience from the high-performance OEM automotive industry to bring only the best performing and most reliable products to our Proline customers. Our Proline aftermarket products are available through our worldwide network of distributors. 

Our proline aftermarket product range

Setrab offers 3 types of off the shelf products, highlighted below. These products are available all over the world and can be purchased withina wide range of performance and dimensions.

Contact your local distributor for more information and pricelists. 

Air to liquid

Proline - SLM Cooler

Ideal for cooling your transmission, rear axle, motorcycle, etc. Developed for applications with restricted packaging space.

Air to liquid

Proline - STD Cooler

A wide range of rugged and reliable oil coolers for all types of cooling on a vehicle, engine oil, transmission oil, clutch, brakes, differential, power steering...

Air to liquid

Proline - COM Cooler

Off the shelf heavy duty air to liquid cooler suitable for the most demanding applications.

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