Bespoke cooling solutions

Setrab is market standard in terms of design and manufacturing bespoke aluminium coolers and heat exchangers. We compete on our ability to quickly provide customised, high quality,  high performing solutions at a competitive total cost.

New Energy

 Charging into the future of battery thermal management

Passenger Vehicles

Top level quality combined with maximum performance!

Proline Racing

Setrab brings you to the finish line!

Commercial vehicles

Ultimate durability and reliability!

Industrial & medical

Efficiency and safety first!

Battery Electric Vehicles 

Cooling the electrification revolution!

Featured products
Air to liquid

COM cooler

Heavy duty air to liquid cooler suitable for the most demanding applications.

Liquid to liquid

PHE Cooler

The plate heat exchanger is a specialized design well suited to transferring heat between medium- and low-pressure fluids.

Liquid to surface

Battery Cooler Tube

Robust aluminum cooling tube designed for battery cell thermal management.


Chiller Module

Setrab offers a modular chiller design for BESS applications.

Setrab AB is a Swedish manufacturer of high quality and high-performance heat exchangers

We compete on our ability to provide customised, high quality,  high performing solutions designed and developed in Sweden. With 56 years of experience, we offer detailed know how, short lead times and high delivery performance. 

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