The Winning Racing Coolers

Setrab is the #1 supplier of high performance oil coolers to winning teams in all areas of motorsport, all over the world. We leverage our experience from the high performance OEM automotive industry to bring only the best performing and most reliable products to our ProLine customers.

The track-proven rugged construction of the Setrab cooler is the ideal cooling solution for racing cars, motorcycles, and tuners, but also for motor homes and towing vehicles. Nobody can match Setrab quality and reliability.

ProLine STD

A wide range of rugged and reliable oil coolers for all types of cooling on a vehicle, engine oil, transmission oil, clutch, brakes, differential, power steering... Read more

ProLine SLM

Ideal for cooling your transmission, rear axle, motorcycle, etc. Developed for applications with restricted packaging space. Read more

ProLine COM

Range of heavy duty coolers suitable for the most demanding applications. Read more

ProLine IC

ProLine range of high performance intercooler cores. Read more

ProLine Adapters

ProLine coolers are supplied with a connection adapter system allowing them to connect to all systems. This includes a sealing ring to ensure a 100% leak tight fitting. Read more

ProLine Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets to help you install your ProLine STD coolers.Read more