ProLine + (Limited Edition)


Dear friends, 

Setrab just turned 50! 

To celebrate this we have developed a retro-styled, 19 row anniversary oil cooler as a reminder of our past. The limited edition Setrab 619 ProLine+, as we have named it, may look old with its retro-styled side plates, but the internals of this cooler have been perfectly balanced to maximise thermal performance at a limited expense to pressure drop. 

As we all know, improving thermal performance is not necessarily that difficult, but to do so without increasing pressure drop can be a real challenge. But after many hours of engineering magic we have found a design that offers more than 20% better thermal performance under optimal circumstance. Even under normal circumstances the 619 Proline+ anniversary cooler offers at least 15% better performance compared to our normal 619 Proline cooler. It really is a 619 on steroids!

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